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About Us

Enhancing Technology Through Collaboration

Independent College Enterprise Today

Faced with challenges around the efficiency of resources and minimizing expense, Independent College Enterprise was inspired by the notion of schools working together to pool resources for purchasing and maintaining an integrated student information system (SIS). The ultimate benefit from this collaborative idea was to minimize administrative expenses on each campus. Independent College Enterprise was formed in 2001 by enlisting five founding schools and today, the membership consists of Bethany College, Davis & Elkins College, Stillman College, University of Charleston, West Virginia Wesleyan College, and William Peace University.



Independent College Enterprise solutions consist of an ERP/SIS (Enterprise Resource Planning / Student information System), Ellucian Colleague, student and employee portals, self-service applications, mobile accessibility, document imaging, and reporting tools from various enterprise vendors. The infrastructure is maintained in a world class cloud-based data center with high availability in region and disaster recovery out of region.  Six full-time staff members maintain the systems and staff a helpdesk to support institutions’ use of these systems. While the colleges share servers, software licenses, and technical personnel, each school has exclusive access to its own data.

mission, vision & core Values

Independent College Enterprise is a consortium of higher education institutions working together to maximize the resources and value of enterprise systems on their campus. 


The principles of the Independent College Enterprise, characterized by collaboration and compromise, guide the group’s decision-making processes. ICE is focused on the mission “to improve efficiency and effectiveness for member schools through sharing information technology resources and supporting shared operational functions.” This mission drives the ultimate vision of the group: “to be a nationally recognized leader in institutional collaboration.”  


The Presidents of member colleges serve as the governing board. Current officers are:

  • Chris Wood, Davis & Elkins College, President

  • Dr. Martin Roth, University of Charleston, President

  • Dr. Cynthia Warrick, Stillman College, President

  • Ms. Cleta Harless, University of Charleston, Treasurer

Larry Kamons serves as Director and CEO of the Independent College Enterprise. He has worked in IT technology management for nearly 25 years managing a broad range of critical enterprise services and products.


An advisory council, composed of CFOs and CIOs vet potential new initiatives. Decisions to adopt new technologies, change processes or collaborate in new ways are based upon:

  • Maximizing adoption and use of current solutions,

  • Increasing efficiencies,

  • Meeting schools’ strategic goals,

  • Integrating ICE solutions to support administrative and academic functions and,

  • Implementing tools that facilitate data-driven decision-making.


Larry Kamons


Ms. Cleta Harless



Dr. Martin Roth


Dr. Cynthia Warrick President Stillman.jpg

Dr. Cynthia Warrick



Chris Wood

Board Chair

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